Official Food of Fools

I know, I know - it takes the mickey out of itself (nice) but my god - the prices?
Dominoes pepper a lot of their adverts with exclamation marks - they do this:
Any size Pizza - for £9.99!
Fantastic eh?  Just call it a deal - and it becomes one . . regardless of the mind-numbingly disgusting pricing.

That bloody Penguin

British Gas
By god they must spend millions?
Every damned evening - through multiple channels, across multiple time-slots this friendly guy and his sweet, sweet, sweet little Penguin tell us how British Gas are committed to a warm home for everyone, to reducing fuel bills; the music calming, the little sweet, sweet, sweet Penguin waddling about in a really sweet way, little expressions of sweet modesty, little messages of care, and hope, and love from this company.

Can't wait to get home to see another one, can you?