Citroen Aircross - at the turn of the year

Just spotted this new Ad' this morning - well you couldn't miss it could you?  All those twiddly bits bolted on.
Standard stuff, of course - only the very end, THE VERY END - JUST LISTEN.
We're used to some "techy" noise being added to the end of car adverts - normally three notes, reminding us forgetful people that vehicles are full of tech these days.  For others it's a little tune, for others some nauseating strapline or other "here to help" or "we start with you ".

Citroen pull it ALL out with this Ad'
First the 3-note techy thing - this blends into the sexy French voice saying  . . .  well, I don't know, because THAT was blended with a twiddly tune - ALL THREE!  



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